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Those that deliver value… or don’t I predict 2019 will be a year of massive contrasts: a division between those companies that aim to create massive value by delivering the …Read More

Profile PhotoMike AnthonyFebruary 8, 2019

Why is Excellent In-Store Execution So Elusive?

Whether you are in marketing or sales, poor in-store execution is a problem of nightmare proportions: all of the planning, the late nights, the negotiations, the blood sweat, tears and dollars that go into making a brilliant piece of work come to this: did it actually happen in the store in the way it was supposed to?Read More

Profile PhotoMike AnthonyDecember 13, 2018

Meeting Companies’ Profit Objectives

As we have already seen, effective shopper marketing should deliver against the company’s profitability objectives. But what does that mean? Every activity should deliver a profit? And of course there are many ways to measure ‘profitability’ – so how should this be done?Read More

Profile PhotoMike AnthonyJuly 10, 2018

The Three Attributes of an Effective Shopper Marketing Program

Companies expend a huge amount of time and effort on shopper marketing programs and activities. And the data that we’ve seen suggests that this is increasing, and likely to increase in the future. Unfortunately, not all of the programs and activities are effective. What makes for an effective shopper marketing activity?Read More

Profile PhotoMike AnthonyJuly 10, 2018

Understanding the Holiday Shopper

The modern shopper marketer is typically armed with loads of shopper data. But as the holiday season approaches, shopper marketers beware. Much of your data might be of limited use …Read More

Profile PhotoMike AnthonyNovember 6, 2017

Unilever – Is a Centralized Marketing Structure a Good or Bad Idea?

Unilever was recently in the press for making big changes to its marketing. Following the drive to zero-based budgeting, and the monster acquisition of Dollar Shave Club, Unilever announced a significant centralization of its marketing structure. Is this a good move? Read on to learn more.Read More

Profile PhotoMike AnthonyAugust 14, 2017

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