Shopper Marketing


Augmented Reality by-passes physical space limitations Packaging has long served as the ‘go to’ source of brand information and, on occasion, entertainment (think children’s cereal boxes). However, up until now, …Read More

Profile Photojane fennerMarch 13, 2019


Activating change in retail marketing is imperative Consumer & Shopper empowerment will continue to disrupt the legacy systems of marketing & retail. The massive swings in consumer preferences – away …Read More

Profile PhotoPatrick FitzmauriceMarch 7, 2019

But wait!

Not every shopper will shop online There’s no doubt at all that 2018 has been a tough year for bricks and mortar retail. Where I sit in the UK, the …Read More

Profile PhotoToby DesforgesFebruary 28, 2019


Those that deliver value… or don’t I predict 2019 will be a year of massive contrasts: a division between those companies that aim to create massive value by delivering the …Read More

Profile PhotoMike AnthonyFebruary 8, 2019

Shopper marketing starts with … the consumer

One could be forgiven for thinking that you should start a shopper marketing process with the shopper. However, you do NOT. Instead, you start with the consumer. There is a …Read More

Profile PhotoKathleen LeeDecember 18, 2018

Why is Excellent In-Store Execution So Elusive?

Whether you are in marketing or sales, poor in-store execution is a problem of nightmare proportions: all of the planning, the late nights, the negotiations, the blood sweat, tears and dollars that go into making a brilliant piece of work come to this: did it actually happen in the store in the way it was supposed to?Read More

Profile PhotoMike AnthonyDecember 13, 2018

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