Effective retail marketing

Maximizing the potential of retail marketing programs



Effective retail marketing will ensure that you deliver

  • Focussed activities that cut-through the noise and motivate target shoppers to buy your product
  • Activities that drive better sales from the shoppers you target
  • Activities that build consumption in a way that their impact is felt long after the end of the activity itself
  • Integrated plans that deliver brand objectives better, faster and at less cost
  • Planning efficiencies so you become more productive when you build retail activities
  • Proposals that buyers are more likely to buy in to
  • Faster and better retail execution
  • Measurable improvement in ROI that could double the profitability of your brands

This one-of-a-kind program is unique in offering a comprehensive toolkit for creating effective in-store marketing programs

From planning to activity post-evaluation, a program participant will be guided through the process used by industry experts and leading CPG companies to achieve success in today’s competitive and evolving retail environment.

Inclusive of a competency self-assessment and a take-home, fully interactive promotional evaluation tool, this is the definitive guide for shopper marketing teams.

You will learn how to:

Integrate retail programs into the total marketing approach for brands

Efficiently approach planning, implementing and evaluating programs

Link in-store activities to the underlying consumption drivers that build your brand in the long term

Better understand and influence the shoppers in your customers’ stores

Identify which shoppers to target and pin-point the right activities in the right stores

Set clear objectives for behavioural change amongst target shoppers

Target investment towards activities that are most likely to deliver the results you need

Map out who is important in the retailer’s decision-making process and how to communicate with these players

Build better retail proposals that get buyer’s support

Pre-and post-evaluate activities using accessible tools

Become a marketing expert in the retail environment with this high-impact and content-rich program






Bite-sized content available on any device
featured in 10 online learning modules

01 Why we need a new approach
02 New approach to designing marketing programs for retail
03 Identifying consumption opportunities
04 Setting shopper objectives
05 Defining channels

06 Prioritising channels
07 The Marketing Mix
08 Anticipating Returns
09 Securing Retail Execution
10 Evaluating Performance

Effective retail marketing provides a step-by-step framework for positively influencing behaviour along the path to purchase, as guided by the experienced hands of leading marketing authorities and best-selling authors, Toby Desforges and Mike Anthony, together with Dr Jane Fenner, a seasoned marketing and shopper expert.

How will effective retail marketing impact your business?

This learning journey equips you with the skills to develop effective retail marketing . You will learn a holistic set of strategies – a “Total Marketing” ™ approach – that views consumer, shopper and customer marketing as integrated and vital counterparts in driving sustainable business growth.

You will learn how to:

Create truly effective activities that drive the consumption of your brand

Improve the shopping experience of your customers

Improve the return on your retail investment for the long term

Increase the profitability of your business and retail partners

Enrich your effective retail marketing learning journey

Now available in in USA, South America, UK and EU, South East Asia and South Africa.
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  • Six-month instructor-led program as guided by our expert participant champion, Dr Jane Fenner

  • Branded onboarding and giveaways to enhance your team’s participation and engagement

  • Introductory onsite workshop establishing core principles and frameworks

    – including a full competency assessment with evaluation and recommendations

  • Impactful online coaching sessions with marketing experts from around the globe

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