4 questions that guarantee effective shopper communication

As shopper marketers, we need to talk our shopper’s language – literally and figuratively.

Shopper communication is imperative to achieving you goal of influencing and in some cases, changing your target shopper’s behaviour.

Let’s create some context quickly

Shopper communication is part of the Shopper Marketing Mix, along with offer and availability.

The goal of the Shopper Marketing Mix is to influence shopper behaviour. You do this through:

  • Availability: Ensuring the right products are available in the right part of the store
  • Communication: Communicating with the shoppers in a way that persuades them to behave in a particular way.
  • Offer: Providing promotions and pricing that encourages shoppers to change their behaviour.

So when you drill down into communicating with our target shoppers, you need to really understand them. This can be accomplished by asking four pointed questions.

1. Who?

Firstly, you need to determine which shoppers we are targeting. If not, you run the risk of having narrow communication simply because you have failed to consider the specific shopper and shopper types to which you are talking. You need to ask who they are, where they do their shopping and where they go inside the store.

You want to understand their mission and what they classify as a good shopping experience. This helps you understand how much they know about your brand and the category.

Remember, the shopper is not an empty vessel when they walk into the store. They already have information and an opinion about your brand. When you understand who your target shopper is and their relationship with your brand before they start shopping, then you can zoom in on identifying and focusing on the right messages to use in-store.

2. What is the message?

Now you know your target. Next step … determine what you want to say. Keep in mind that shoppers often have very little time in the store. This means that you need to be really astute at choosing the right messages at the right time.

For instance, think about how much time do you have to impart your message. Is it a handful of seconds half a minute or time?

The likelihood of you being able to impart your entire brand story is slim, so ensure that you are very selective in your messaging.

What you say should be impactful and create the change in shopper behaviour you desire. Understanding that message helps you to think about context which brings us to the next question.

3. Where?

Once you understand how to navigate your messaging, it helps you to think about context. Where in your target shopper’s path to purchase should you deliver the message? Should it be before they get to the fixture, after, or even before they get to instore?

Consider when in their journey the shopper is going to be most receptive to your message. Know when they are most likely to act on the messages you are sending and make the purchase you want.

4. What media?

Lastly, think about what medium to use. Should you use a sign or perhaps a video … something on the floor … in the sky? Or should you write your messaging on the packaging?

If you have the right media – with the right message – in the right place in the store – you have the key to getting your target shopper to change their behaviour.

These four questions help you to plan truly effective shopper communication.

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October 23, 2019

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