Shopper Behavior

The evolution of shopper behaviour

Shopper behaviour used to be pretty straightforward. It was mostly predictable and easily understood. We had three basic modes of shopping. Shopper behaviour in days gone by Firstly, there was …Read More

Profile PhotoKathleen LeeOctober 25, 2018

Another example of the power of the shopper

Not convinced about the power of the shopper? Think on this. Imagine you’re launching a new strawberry scented hair mousse aimed at a consumer group of teenage girls. Consumer research …Read More

Profile PhotoKathleen LeeSeptember 6, 2018

You need to pick your battles

The world of retail is growing more and more disruptive, making it increasingly important for us to define the retail spaces or channels that you use to target shoppers. (Read …Read More

Profile PhotoKathleen LeeApril 24, 2018

Get strategic about your shopper!

We are in the age of the shopper! Gone is the model that consumer goods businesses used in days gone by. No longer can we merely understand the consumer or …Read More

Profile PhotoKathleen LeeApril 9, 2018

Understanding the Holiday Shopper

The modern shopper marketer is typically armed with loads of shopper data. But as the holiday season approaches, shopper marketers beware. Much of your data might be of limited use …Read More

Profile PhotoMike AnthonyNovember 6, 2017

Bad Shopper Segmentation Models

In recent years, there has been a rush of shopper-segmentation models. Research agencies, looking to find a common approach to analyzing their clients’ data, have created their own shopper-segmentation models. Standard segmentation models have many upsides--they create a common language throughout an organization and, in particular, between manufacturers and retailers. Manufacturers who do not understand how their retail customers look at shoppers will increasingly find it difficult to gain traction for their initiatives. They create significant levels of efficiency, too, and avoid the need to crunch data through multiple statistical models to find new segmentations. The difficulty, however, with all of these segmentation models lies in exactly how to apply them. Read More

Profile PhotoToby DesforgesMay 1, 2017

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