Trade Investment

Disney Display and Poor Execution

A recent survey conducted by TradeInsight suggested that 31 percent of consumer packaged goods manufacturers cite trade compliance as a major issue in their business. It’s an issue that has far-reaching implications.Read More

Profile PhotoToby DesforgesNovember 29, 2017

Why Invest in Retailers?

Why do we invest in retailers? This simple question is often asked by naïve consumer marketers as they see their advertising budgets whittled away by the “profligate guys” on the sales team. And retailers have a clear, simple answer to this—retailers own the shopper. With so much being spent, surely brand owners should aspire to more: aspire to make some return on all this expenditure.Read More

Profile PhotoMike AnthonyJune 9, 2017

The Growth of Trade Expenditure

Category Management was the first step toward realizing that the needs and behaviors of the shopper played a key role in sales growth. The problem is that Category Management presumes that the manufacturer’s goals could align with the retailer’s. But real alignment is often elusive: retailers just want to sell more products and don’t really care which brand. Manufacturers have a diametrically opposed goal: they want to sell more of their brand and don’t care where it is sold.Read More

Profile PhotoToby DesforgesJanuary 9, 2017

The Sony Example

For Sony, the key finding was how its in-store presentation affected different shoppers. For those who had no particular preference or rejected Sony, repeated visits to outlets did nothing to sway their opinion; indeed, these shoppers became increasingly disaffected with the Bravia proposition. Money formerly spent on massive TV campaigns that reached millions of people who would never buy Bravia should be directed elsewhere.Read More

Profile PhotoMike AnthonyNovember 23, 2016

One Price Fits All

Depending on the impact your in-store marketing activities have on future consumption, they might be a raging success or an abject failure. That’s a pretty dangerous gamble in a consumer goods industry that is spending around $280 billion a year on this stuff.Read More

Profile PhotoMike AnthonyOctober 9, 2016