Shopper Marketing

The Heart of Effective Shopper Marketing

Shopper marketing has the potential to transform the performance of consumer goods companies. Unfortunately this potential is being missed by many as whilst shopper marketing is becoming ubiquitous, effective shopper marketing is still too often elusive.Read More

Profile PhotoMike AnthonyJanuary 23, 2017

Want to Build Shopper Understanding? Start with the Consumer!

Yes, I did say consumer. It’s not a mistake! Those of you who have taken a few of our courses will know that I am a strong advocate for understanding the differences between consumers and shoppers, so I guess this might seem strange. But I’ll say it again. If you really want to build your shopper understanding, you need to start with consumers.Read More

Profile PhotoMike AnthonyJanuary 23, 2017

What is “The Age of the Shopper”?

By the end of the 1990s, consolidating retail and fragmenting media had put the traditional business model of consumer goods marketing under enormous strain. If the model wasn’t already at a breaking point by then, a number of profound changes in the last decade have brought it the rest of the way. Simply put, we are in the midst of a revolution in the way consumers and shoppers interact with the products they buy. Three dramatic changes have placed shoppers at the center of the equation in a way that leads us to believe that a corresponding revolution must take place in the way we market consumer goods.Read More

Profile PhotoMike AnthonyJanuary 23, 2017

Shopper Needs Are Different to Consumer Needs

Most marketers are able to develop a pretty good understanding of their target consumers’ needs and desires. This, after all, lies at the heart of a brands consumer proposition. But when it comes to understanding shopper needs, my experience is that marketers often have a less detailed understanding of what shoppers are looking for.Read More

Profile PhotoToby DesforgesDecember 23, 2016

Examples of Shopper Marketing

Let's look at two examples, revealing that shopper marketing can work both inside and outside the store.Read More

Profile PhotoMike AnthonyDecember 17, 2016

Why Changing Shopper Behavior Is Critical

How much effort is put into considering how to influence someone to buy the product once it’s on store shelves?Read More

Profile PhotoMike AnthonyDecember 9, 2016