Is your brand addressing the need of your shoppers?

Is your brand model missing the shopper?

There are many brand models with just as many brand configurations.

But most models are almost exclusively focused on the brand and the relationship with consumer.

What’s missing from the brand model? You guessed it. The shopper!

We know, the consumer and shopper can be, but are not always same.

Taking this into account, the only way to win with shoppers and consumers is to ensure that your brand is configured in a way that effectively meets the needs of the consumer AND shopper.

Firstly, you need to answer a fundamental question: “Who is our target shopper?”

Is your shopper and consumer the same person? Are they different? If they are the same person, do you know your shopper when they are in shopper mode? Does he or she behave differently than when he or she is the consumer?

Their environment has a huge impact on them. They may be surrounded by a cacophony of marketing messages, bustling people, under a time crunch or have limited budget. All these factors impact your shopper’s decisions.

For example, a person with a time constraint will want to get the purchase over as quickly as possible.

For this shopper, the decision making process is no longer be about experiencing the product they are purchasing. It’s about getting in and out of the shop with the product as quickly as possible.

Basically, this means that your environment will have a big impact on the purchase process.

You can see how understanding your shopper and their shopper environment is of paramount importance.

Knowledge of these aspects allows you to create a better foundation on which to base your brand configuration.

If you are working hard to understand your target shopper as well as their needs, then do a TEMS check and make sure your brand works for the shopper and consumer.

By getting this right, you are setting your company up for success.

If you want to learn more about this topic, head over to our latest course: Your Brand and Your Shopper or listen to our podcast.

July 18, 2018

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