Retail marketing

Get more productive

How many times a day do you bemoan your productivity or to be more precise, your lack of it? Many of us look for ways we can do our job …Read More

Profile PhotoKathleen LeeMay 16, 2019

Are you reaching the right shopper?

You would think activities that result in a spike in sales spell success, right? Sadly, you would be wrong. Why? Because success depends largely on reaching the “right” shopper. Many …Read More

Profile PhotoKathleen LeeMay 9, 2019

Create activities that convert shoppers to buyers

Bang for a buck.  That’s what we want,  whether you are involved in brand marketing, shopper marketing, trade marketing or sales. Chances are you are investing in activities like promotions, …Read More

Profile PhotoKathleen LeeApril 23, 2019

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