Retail compliance: It can be solved

Retail buy-in is imperative. However, we know that gaining retail buyers’ support can be a challenge. Accordingly, many clients ask us how they can get better retail buy-in and support for their activities.

Our clients are not alone when it comes to buy-in issues. A recent survey conducted by TradeInsight suggested that 31 percent of consumer packaged goods manufacturers cite trade compliance as a major issue for their business.

If you think about a typical new product introduction, huge investments have been poured into research. Then it takes entire teams months to build marketing plans, packaging and creative designs, and media budgets.

Consider the production and logistics investments that are required; the sales teams that are deployed. After configuring, executing and evaluating promotions, introducing the new product absorbs the greatest amount of marketing and sales management time.

However, the success or failure of a new product is dependent on one thing—a shopper being able to buy the product in a store. This means that without outstanding execution at retail, new product introductions are destined to fail.

This is why the retail buy-in is imperative to success.

Resident expert Toby Desfoges explains how you can gain better compliance:

“Retail buyers are busy people and regularly tell us that they want to work with companies that make life easier for them. Buyers want to hear about activities that are going to help them achieve their objectives and that are focussed on the shoppers who use their stores.”

The good news is that we have a program that teaches you to understand the shoppers in your customer stores better and configure activities that influence their behaviour.

It also shows you how to build better presentations for retailers which help you stand-out by showing the results the retailer can get from supporting you.

This will result in buyers that are more likely to agree to your proposals and support their implementation.

Learn more about our ‘Effective Retail Marketing Program’ today.

May 31, 2019

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