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How many times a day do you bemoan your productivity or to be more precise, your lack of it?

Many of us look for ways we can do our job better.  In fact, this is what we experience over and over. People search for new ways to be more productive and ramp up their productivity.

As marketers, we find ourselves rushed and under pressure. We do what we need to do but often we have that nagging feeling which makes us wonder how to do the job better. What can we do differently?

Toby Desforges, SME’s expert and co-author of “The Shopper Marketing Revolution” says: “Fixing this is about building a process that allows for the machine-like development of activities.

He adds that it is better if a process is designed to fit with the work of the people whose job it is to grow your business.

If you look at our Total Marketing Process, you will see this process starts with the consumer. By placing the consumption opportunity or marketing initiative at the beginning of the process, you ensure that you set clear behavioural objectives for your target shoppers in the right stores.

Toby explains: “With this absolute clarity, you can select an activity that is most likely to pay back quickly.

Once you have done this, it is imperative that you evaluate your activities. This allows you to create a database of effective activities which you can tap into in to make the process easier.

So if productivity is what you are craving, look at our Effective Retail Marketing program. The process we share will ensure that the time you spend on developing activities is more productive.

Our Effective Retail Marketing program will ensure that you deliver:

  • Focussed activities that cut-through the noise and motivate target shoppers to buy your product
  • Activities that drive better sales from the shoppers you target
  • Activities that build consumption in a way that their impact is felt long after the end of the activity
  • Integrated plans that deliver brand objectives better, faster and at less cost
  • Efficiencies that allow you to become more productive when you build retail activities
  • Proposals that buyers are more likely to buy
  • Faster and better retail execution
  • Measurable improvement in ROI that doubles the profitability of your brands.

Click here to learn more about the program.

May 20, 2019

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