Three essential shopper needs

Shoppers’ expectations continually evolve. However, shopper needs remain largely the same according to a report published by Retail Analysis.

Retail Analysis published the results of their report called the “Online and the Frictionless Store”. The study was conducted by Online Retail Insight Manager, Simon Mayhew and Online Shopper Insight Manager Vanessa Henry. The report looks at essential shopper needs as well as

  • How future online stores will compliment physical stores to support frictionless in-store shopping.
  • How retailers are using online and apps to streamline a customer’s in-store shopping experience, making it easier and faster
  • How retailers can grow their business now, and in the future

Three essential shopper needs that the report delves into are choice, value, and convenience.


Online provides offline shoppers with an extensive range of products. The shoppers’ individual need can be reflected via filtering.

85% of shoppers stated that they would prefer if technology could assist them in some manner with their in-store shopping experience.

Leading retailers have begun to use their online stores to assist offline shoppers in their search to find the right products. A large segment of grocery shoppers in the United Kingdom claim that go online to learn more about their product before the visit the actual physical location of the store to buy it.

  • Range
  • Product Information
  • Availability
  • Recommendations


Online can find the best value products, which is a combination of price and quality, for shoppers.

39% of shoppers stated that they prefer to use technology to find out about various in-store offers.

Shoppers want to buy a product that does not compromise on quality, but is also within their price range. For grocery shoppers in particular, having both price and quality is important. They go online to make price comparisons, which then motivates them to visit the physical location of the store. In turn, this increases foot traffic in stores.

In addition to this, retailers are in the process of establishing an online presence by developing an online store that adds value to the shoppers’ grocery experience. Both recommendation and reviews for instance persuade shoppers to buy from a certain store or switch from one store to another store and personalised promotions increase customer loyalty, ensuring they continue to buy food only from them.

  • Reviews
  • Promotions Research
  • Recommendations
  • Personalised Promotions


Online allows shoppers to find and buy products easily.

37% of shoppers stated that they would prefer to use technology to find in-store products.

By having an online store, retailers are streamlining the entire process for shoppers by simplifying their in-store shopping experience. To achieve this, retailers create lists, offer various payment methods, provide an easier and speedier way to return products, and more. These features help retailers remove the friction shoppers experience.

  • Shopping Lists
  • Product Finder
  • Payment
  • Returns

The report addresses the ever-increasing importance of the online platform and how retailers are using it to enhance the shopping experience of shoppers through Choice, Value, and Convenience. As a result, this drives traffic to the physical location of stores, allows them to form customer loyalty, and attract new customers.

You can see the full report here.

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September 19, 2018

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