Is metric aversion holding you back?

Without metrics, you are not able to showcase your success. Yet people seem to be extremely uncomfortable measuring the work that they do, particularly in-store. In fact, we often see very little done to evaluate activities.

There seems to be a concern about what measures to use and an aversion to introducing those measures.

Part of the hesitation may be human nature. Exposing oneself to unwelcome scrutiny. But in the shopper space, we should be excited to tell the world how successful we have been. We should be shouting from the rooftops and demonstrating how well we have done within certain metrics.

But metric aversion is a reality. So what’s holding you back?

Data porosity

Quite often data seems to be missing with most people seemingly having an incomplete dataset.

As a result, people tend to be concerned. As they start to reference certain data, they worry that the absence of other data – say a part of a category or a certain channel  – and that this will cause them trouble down the line.

Others simply admit to not having the complete dataset which hampers the insights which may enable them to drive measurement.

Data unreliability

Another reason for metric aversion is that people are nervous about the data that they have. Is it reliable?

They are not sure if it is well constructed and this uncertainty makes them uncomfortable about putting their trust in the measurement and subsequent insights.

So much noise

Marketing does not work in a silo. Accordingly, metrics are largely dependant on other things happening. People often claim that you cannot isolate specific metrics against a specific activity because there is a hub of other interdependent activities that are going on at the same time. They worry that if you don’t take that into account, then you won’t get a clear picture of how successful you have been.

In other words, they are being stifled by the desire for perfection. This antipathy of flawed data is negatively affecting the need to effectively measure what it is you do.

These reasons are nothing new.  But if you address these concerns, you will begin to demonstrate success, deliver better results for the organisation, using really good measures.  As a result, it is going to be easier for the organisation to support those individuals in the future, based on intelligence from sustainable metrics.

This blog is based on a podcast by resident expert Toby Desforges. Sign-up for access or login to hear what he has to say on metric aversion.

November 30, 2018

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