Are you reaching the right shopper?

You would think activities that result in a spike in sales spell success, right?

Sadly, you would be wrong. Why? Because success depends largely on reaching the “right” shopper.

Many marketers and salespeople say their activities lead to noticeable sales improvements but it may not be with the right shopper.

Consider the “deal buyer”. Data shows that up to 80 percent of the promoted volume is bought by only 20 percent of a category’s shoppers, the dreaded “deal buyer.”

These shoppers focus on promotions in stores and choose brands, based on the deal running that week. Some will buy the cheapest on display, but many deal buyer decisions are more complex. They have a portfolio of brands that they like and do not stray out of this portfolio.

However, they will switch between their preferred brands, buying according to the deals on offer. Either way, these deal buyers swallow up the vast majority of the money that marketers spend on promotions.

So, how can you change that?

The starting point of creating truly effective retail marketing programs is to ensure that you have clear behavioural objectives. Toby Desforges explains: “Behavioural objectives articulate what you want your targeted shoppers to differently because of the activity you are planning. They allow you to consider what types of activity are really going to have the impact you want.”

He further notes that behavioural objectives ensure that your activities resonate with the shoppers you are targeting. This should result in more of the targeted shoppers buying into the activity you launch.

It’s a prospect that appears daunting to many. However, the good news is that our ‘Effective Retail Marketing Program’ teaches you how to target the right shoppers and set meaningful behavioural objectives.

You will be able to directly apply what you learn in this program to your role and result in activities that are focused on delivering improvements in penetration, frequency and weight of purchase, effectively driving better sales from the shoppers you target.

Click here to learn more about how you could get better results with the Effective Retail Marketing program.

May 9, 2019

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