What Do You Need To Know When Collecting Data

Podcast Script

How do you go about doing research?
And how do you know what you should be researching?

There are 4 areas to understand:
About the consumer
About the shopper
About outlets
About the in-store world

Although they are all important, the best place to start, and possibly the two most important to understand first-up, is the shopper and the outlet.

How closely does the shopper determine consumer demand? Are they getting the real ‘demand’ right?
What are the (shopping) missions out there? How do they approach buying a specific product? Is it part of their usual grocery shop, or a specific trip out to buy that product only?
Important to understand what shoppers actually do? How they navigate all of their decisions, it’s important to look at behaviour in totality.
How much could you gain from changing their behaviour?
What exactly are they looking for – what are they trying to achieve while in the store? Do they want to satisfy all of their needs, or are they happy to compromise? By asking these questions, we understand how easy it would be to persuade them to buy our product.
What’s preventing people from behaving in a certain way, or keeping them from buying your brand?
How does the shopper view the brand?

These are often missed in the research process.

If you’re thinking about outlets
Understand the wide variety retail environments available to them
Consider the target shopper – which outlets do they actually use?
In which outlets can you actually influence behaviour?

If you can change behaviour, how significant will the impact be on your business?

In summary, shoppers and outlets tend to be heavily supported by research. But if you don’t really understand the nature of your shopper and their behaviour, as well as the outlets that they are using and how they can be influenced, expenditure further down in-store is possible going to be wasted.


May 16, 2018

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