Mobile is king – but is this true for online purchasing too?

According to research, 50% of internet traffic is online. Does this stand true for online purchasing too?

According to Amazon’s 2018 retailer study, this is not the case. In fact, it says only 24% of respondents do their Amazon buying using a mobile device. Upon conducting their research, Amazon surveyed 1500 US customers, as a part of their 2018 Amazon shopper behavior study, which looked at how shoppers will browse and buy on Amazon in 2018.

Surprisingly, against the trend of growing mobile use, close on 67% of the Amazon shopper prefer to use their desktop or laptop computers when purchasing online.

It says two factors could be the root of this surprising statistic:

1. The age of the respondents

While the participants 35 years and under mostly favour a mobile device, there is a greater correlation between those 55+ voting in favor of desktop or laptop.

2018 Amazon shopper behavior study - age
Source: 2018 Amazon shopper behavior study


2. The wording of the survey question

Amazon specifically uses “buy” rather than “shop” or “browse”. The retailer giant says studies show that shoppers are more likely to browse on mobile and buy on desktop.

Read the full 2018 Amazon shopper behavior study here.

September 10, 2018

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