Integrate your shopper marketing strategy

Many marketing professionals struggle to grow their business and fall into the “more is better” trap. They implement a dozen strategies at once, across various channels and brands for fear of missing out … FOMO!

What do they get for all their trouble? More often than not, stress. Frustration.

Burn out. Not to mention wasted time and resources! Akin to being on a really awesome yacht but without a navigation system or rudder.

Get process-driven!

If your efforts are split between multiple strategies, it is difficult to focus on and commit to one long enough to see results. You may also find yourself being blown to and fro by every new marketing fad and fashion – often with very little strategic value.

The key is to create a hyper-focused process-driven approach to your shopper marketing efforts.

Unfortunately, many consumer brands don’t have any type of strategic shopper marketing plan. In fact, shopper marketing is still often seen by many as in-store POSM, price promotions and other tactical here-today-gone-tomorrow-type initiatives.

But this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Remember both the consumer and the shopper

Much of the disruptive change we are experiencing in retail today is not only about how consumer behaviour is changing, MORE IMPORTANTLY, it is how shopper behaviour is changing.

What many consumer brands fail to take into account or simply ignore, is that consumer marketing alone is no longer enough to unlock sustainable growth opportunities.

Conversely, shopper marketing is not only about the shopper. What shopper marketers often forget is that the shopper only exists because of the consumer’s desire or need for a specific product.

Whilst consumers may be very excited about and even love the brand, shoppers are the conduits who will deliver on the consumer’s needs and desires in order for the brand to realise the consumption opportunity.

Winning in these changing times

The sure way to achieve sustainable growth and sales in these changing times is through an integrated strategic shopper marketing process. This process should be:
– focussed on understanding the consumer’s behavior (where consumption opportunities can be found)
– and then unlocking these opportunities through effective shopper marketing, through prioritised channels, using the most effective shopper marketing mix and making the right investments – all to increase consumption of your brand sustainably and profitably.

This is pivotal to your success as a shopper and consumer marketer.

Learn. Apply. Deliver.

With our Integrated Strategic Shopper Marketing course, you will get everything you need to learn, apply and deliver a focused and effective marketing approach through integrating consumer, shopper and retail marketing for driving consumer brand growth.

So if you want to fast track your shopper marketing function and develop a leading edge shopper marketing team, have a look at our new course, Integrated Strategic Shopper Marketing.

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