Create activities that convert shoppers to buyers

Bang for a buck.  That’s what we want,  whether you are involved in brand marketing, shopper marketing, trade marketing or sales. Chances are you are investing in activities like promotions, events or displays in retail.

However, so are other retail marketers and this creates lots of noise. The question of creating a message that stands out gets asked time and time again. With so many activities happening in stores and the competition for shoppers’ attention so great, how do you ensure that your activities convert shoppers to buyers?

Our resident expert and industry thought leader, Toby Desforges gives us some insight into how to gain the all-important shopper conversion.

“Really successful retail marketing activities stand out because they resonate with the shoppers they are targeting. Activities that are targeted too broadly become part of the noise in the store.”

He continues: “The first step to making your activities cut through is to ensure you have clearly targeted a group of shoppers that are important to your brand. With these shoppers in mind, the next step is to determine what behaviours you want to change and then focus your activity on that behavioural change.”

If you want to learn more about how you can convert shoppers to buyers, have a look at our new Effective Retail Marketing program, which has been designed to achieve exactly goal.

Working with industry experts, Shopper Marketing Experts has developed a learning and development program which we believe will change the way you market in retail. Follow the program’s techniques and it will help you develop more focused activities which cut through the noise better and ensure that those shoppers that are important to your brand are motivated to buy your product.

Learn more about how you could be getting more cut-through with our Effective Retail Marketing program.

April 24, 2019

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