Effective Retail Marketing


About this course

Our Effective Retail Marketing course ERM offers you a comprehensive induction into developing effective shopper marketing in retail. It teaches a process that integrates the principles of shopper and trade marketing, and considers the priorities of the retailer. This process ensures you invest in the right activities, ones designed to deliver a specific change in shopper behavior in the right stores at the right time.

You will learn how to identify the most valuable shopper for each marketing initiative, how to set robust objectives in priority retailers, and how to identify the best mix of in-store activities to deliver optimal return on investment in each retail environment.

By the end of the program, you will have become more productive in managing your resources and your marketing activities will be more effective and more profitable.

You will learn how to:

  • Integrate retail programs into the total marketing approach for brands
  • Efficiently approach planning, implementing and evaluating programs
  • Link in-store activities to the underlying consumption drivers that build your brand in the long term
  • Better understand and influence the shoppers in your customers’ stores
  • Identify which shoppers to target and pin-point the right activities in the right stores
  • Set clear objectives for behavioral change amongst target shoppers
  • Target investment towards activities that are most likely to deliver the results you need
  • Map out who is important in the retailer’s decision-making process and how to communicate with these players
  • Build better retail proposals that get buyer’s support
  • Pre-and post-evaluate activities using accessible tools

Marketing and sales professionals who are looking to create more effective in-store marketing programs.

30 hours

Course Curriculum

Pre-course Competency Assessment 00:30:00
Stage 1: The Introductory Modules
Stage 1: About These Units 00:05:00
01 - Introduction: Why We Need a New Approach
1.1 Introduction 00:30:00
1.2 The True Cost of Promotions for Manufacturers 00:30:00
1.3 The True Cost of Discounting for the Retailer 00:30:00
1.4 The Impact of Price Promotions on the Shopper 00:30:00
02 - A New Approach to Designing Marketing Programs for Retail
2.1 The Secret to Success in Marketing for Retail 00:30:00
2.2 The Total Marketing Model 00:30:00
2.3 The Total Marketing Model in Practice 00:30:00
2.4 Applying the learnings to your business 00:30:00
2.5 The Sixth Step: Evaluation and Setting Objectives 00:30:00
ERM Quiz 02 01:00:00
Stage 2: Defining the Activity
Stage 2: About These Units 00:05:00
03. Identifying Consumption Opportunities
3.1 Why Effective Marketing in Retail Starts with the Consumer 00:30:00
3.2 Understanding Consumption Opportunities 00:30:00
3.3 What Does This Mean for Shopper Marketers 00:30:00
3.4 Applying the learnings to your business 00:30:00
ERM Quiz 03 01:00:00
04 - Setting Shopper Objectives
4.1 Influencing Shopper Behavior 00:30:00
4.2 Setting Shopper Behavior Objectives 00:30:00
4.3 Shopper Segmentation 00:30:00
4.4 Applying the learnings to your business 00:30:00
ERM Quiz 04 01:00:00
Stage 3: Prioritizing Channels
Stage 3: About These Units 00:30:00
05 - Defining Channels
5.1 Getting to the Right Definitions 00:30:00
5.2 Evaluating Channel Definitions 00:30:00
5.3 Applying the learnings to your business 00:30:00
06 - Prioritizing Channels
6.1 The Channel Prioritization Model FREE 00:30:00
6.2 Implementing the Channel Prioritization Model 00:30:00
ERM Quiz 06 01:00:00
Stage 4: Developing the Marketing Program for Retail
Stage 4: About These Units 00:05:00
07 - The Marketing Mix
7.1 The Integrated Marketing Mix 00:30:00
7.2 Availability 00:30:00
7.3 Applying the learnings to your business 00:30:00
7.4 Communication 00:30:00
7.5 Applying the learnings to your business 00:30:00
7.6 Offer 00:30:00
7.7 Applying the learnings to your business 00:30:00
7.8 The Marketing Mix Recipe 00:30:00
ERM Quiz 07 01:00:00
Stage 5: Anticipating Returns
Stage 5: About These Units 00:05:00
08 - Anticipating Returns
8.1 Why Anticipate Returns? 00:30:00
8.2 The Impact of Shopper Behavior on Growth 00:30:00
8.3 Delivering Company Return on Investment FREE 00:30:00
8.4 Meeting the Retailer’s Objectives 00:30:00
8.5 Using the Evaluation Tool to Pre-Evaluate an Activity 00:30:00
ERM Quiz 08 01:00:00
09 - Securing Retail Execution
9.1 Why Retail Execution Matters 00:30:00
9.2 Applying the learnings to your business 00:30:00
9.3 Motivating Action 00:30:00
9.4 Retailer KPIs 00:30:00
9.5 Using the Total Marketing Approach to Motivate Retailers 00:30:00
10 - Evaluating Performance
10.1 The Final Step in Effective Retail Marketing 00:30:00
10.2 Monitoring Compliance 00:30:00
Post-course Competency Assessment 00:30:00
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