15: Shopper Research


About this course 

Marketing professionals have long understood the value of market research as a way of understanding how consumers think, feel, and act. The purpose of research is to create an understanding that can be leveraged to create competitive advantage.

Modern research methodologies offer great insight into shopper motivation and behavior. However, knowing exactly what to measure and how to effectively convert data into meaningful information isn’t as simple as it might seem.

This course explores the various types of research, the difference between qualitative and quantitative research, as well as primary and secondary data. It furthermore equips you with the necessary techniques to ensure your research is accurate, useful and valuable.

This course will show you how to effectively conduct and manage shopper research projects, avoid the most common pitfalls and create better results from your research work.

Marketing and sales professionals in the consumer goods or retail industry, interested in using research to gain greater market share, 

About 3 hours

Course Curriculum

ES2C02U01 – Understanding Shoppers 00:05:00
ES2C02U02 – Data vs. Insight 00:05:00
ES2C02U03 – Gathering Information 00:10:00
ES2C02U04 – Four Places to Collect Data Podcast 00:10:00
ES2C02U05 – Secondary Data Sources 00:05:00
ES2C02U06 – Three Techniques to Ensure Your Research Is Useful 00:35:00
ES2C02U07 – Primary Data and Survey Questions 00:10:00
ES2C02U08 – Partners for Research 00:05:00
ES2C02Q01 01:00:00
ES2C02U09 – Converting Data Into Insight 00:05:00
ES2C02U10 – Understanding Shoppers 00:30:00
ES2C02U11 – Actionable Insights 00:05:00
ES2C02U12 – Sources of Secondary Data 00:05:00
ES2C02Q02 01:00:00
ES2C02U13 – Kimberly Clark’s Plan 00:30:00
ES2C02U14 – Qualitative Shopper Research 00:05:00
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