03: The $200 Billion Crime


About this course 

Outdated marketing strategies are causing companies to spend (and essentially waste) billions of dollars on promotions every year – without seeing desired results. In fact, they have never been less effective.
Join us as we unpack the reason why the consumer goods industry is edging closer and closer to bankruptcy, and the change that should take place to ensure a more profitable future.

How to calculate the percentage of promotional investment that loses money, and how to change existing rules of consumer goods marketing. 

Marketing and sales professionals in the consumer goods or retail industry, with a special interest in the impact of promotions on shopper behaviour and the company’s bottom line. 

About 1 hour 

Course Curriculum

BS1C03U01 – Trade Expenditure 00:05:00
BS1C03U02 – Promotions Effect 00:10:00
BS1C03U03 – The $200 Billion Crime 00:05:00
BS1C03U04 – The Growth of Trade Expenditure 00:10:00
BS1C03U05 – The $200 Billion Crime and How It Happened 00:30:00
BS1C03Q01 00:30:00
BS1C03U06 – Your Promotion Investment Cost 00:05:00
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