02: The Age of the Shopper


About this course 

We are in the midst of a revolution in the way consumers and shoppers interact with the products they buy. Shoppers have found themselves in the driver’s seat, leaving manufacturers and marketers in the dust. Gaining insight into the situation, we look at three dramatic changes that shifted the power from the manufacturer to the shopper.

You will learn about the three major changes we’ve seen over the past few decades and how these changes have established that “the age of the shopper” is now.

Marketing and sales professionals in the consumer goods or retail industry, interested in understanding the power shift from manufacturer to shopper, and how they should adjust their marketing efforts accordingly.

About 2 hours

Course Curriculum

BS1C02U01 – Three Changes 00:15:00
BS1C02U02 – Three Changes Webinar 01:00:00
BS1C02U03 – The Age of the Shopper 00:10:00
BS1C02U04 – Three Changes That Place The Shopper At The Center Of The Equation 00:30:00
BS1C02U05 – Shopping Then and Now 00:10:00
BS1C02Q01 00:30:00
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  • * REQUIRES 01: The History of Manufacturing

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