28: The Impact of Poor Execution


About this course

At the heart of the concept of Total Marketing is the need for today’s consumer goods companies to satisfy three customers: the consumer, the shopper, and the retail customer. In this course we’ll look at the third customer: the retailer. At the end of the day, without retailers’ support through execution in-store, the needs of the other two customers can’t be served.

Motivating retailers to support a manufacturer’s brands is therefore an essential component of the Total Marketing mix.

This course looks at the many roleplayers involved in making retail execution possible, how to motivate retail customers and the impact of poor execution at retail.

Marketing professionals in the consumer goods or retail industry, interested in understanding the role of the retail customer in the Total Marketing mix, and motivating retailers to prevent poor execution.

45 mins – 1 hour

Course Curriculum

ES5C04U01 – Introduction 00:05:00
ES5C04U02 – Poor Execution 00:05:00
ES5C04U03 – Roles and Responsibilities 00:05:00
ES5C04U04 – A Typical New Product Launch 00:10:00
ES5C04U05 – Motivating Retail Customers 00:10:00
ES5C04Q01 01:00:00
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