14: Persuading Shoppers


About this course 

Marketers have never had to work as hard or consider as many variables and roleplayers as today. The stakes are constantly changing and with that, our approach and understanding of how shoppers think and behave has to follow suit.

This course will give you an in-depth understanding of the entire path-to-purchase and provide you with practical tools on how to change shopper behaviour, both inside and outside the store.

We also debunk the biggest shopper marketing myth and offer you a dynamic and realistic framework to follow. We consider where the possible ‘pinch points’ lie along the path, in order for you to better understand which shopper behaviors you need to change and where you can best influence them.

You will learn how to maximize every opportunity to persuade shoppers to choose your product over that of your competitors.

Marketing and sales professionals in the consumer goods or retail industry, interested in understanding the path to purchase and how to adjust their marketing efforts to persuade and win shoppers. 

About 1 hour 

Course Curriculum

ES2C01U01 – The Path to Purchase 00:15:00
ES2C01U02 – The Path to Purchase Video 00:05:00
ES2C01U03 – Changing Shopper Behavior 00:05:00
ES2C01U04 – Changing Shopper Behavior Inside and Outside the Store 00:05:00
ES2C01U05 – The Path to Purchase (or, Debunking the Biggest Shopper Marketing Myth) 00:30:00
ES2C01Q01 01:00:00
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