11: The Value in Discounting


About this course 

Good news: promotions aren’t only bad! When used correctly and at the correct time, they can add true value to a brand. Join us as we look at three cases in which a promotion can add value:

  1. when the product on promotion is substitutional,
  2. if a promotion causes an increase in consumption,
  3. or if successfully lures shoppers from a competitor’s brand.


How to use discounting effectively, in order to add real value to the brand and benefit both manufacturer and retailer.

Marketing and sales professionals in the consumer goods or retail industry. Those with a special interest in costing and profit margins will especially benefit from this course.

About 2 hours, 10minutes

Course Curriculum

IS1C03U01 – Promotions Aren’t All Bad 00:05:00
IS1C03U02 – Promotions and Consumption 00:05:00
IS1C03U03 – Guinness’ Genius Promotion 00:05:00
IS1C03U04 – The Ways Discounts Add Value Webinar 01:00:00
IS1C03Q01 00:30:00
IS1C03U05 – Effective In-Store Activity 00:20:00
IS1C03U06 – The True Cost Of Discounting 00:35:00
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