09: The True Cost of Discounting for the Brand


About this course 

Many marketers are under the misconception that discounting their products will lead to increased sales and positive brand growth. The true impact however, is not only detrimental to a company’s profit margin, but may lessen a brand’s value in the eyes of the shopper. Manufacturers in effect, train shoppers to only buy on sale – creating an unsustainable bargain hunting culture.  

Join us for an in-depth look at the true cost and long-term effects of discounting to the brand.

How and why discounting does not create the desired behavior in shoppers, or drive profitable brand growth.

Marketing and sales professionals in the consumer goods or retail industry. Those with a special interest in costing and profit margins will especially benefit from this course. 

About 1 hours, 10minutes

Course Curriculum

IS1C01U01 – Maintaining Margins While Discounting 00:05:00
IS1C01Q01 00:30:00
IS1C01U02 – Longterm Effects of Discounting Podcast 00:05:00
IS1C01U03 – Sell-in and Sell-out 00:05:00
IS1C01U04 – Promotion and Brand Value 00:05:00
IS1C01Q02 00:30:00
IS1C01U05 – Deal Buyers 00:05:00
IS1C01Q03 00:30:00
IS1C01U06 – Loyal Shoppers and Discounting 00:05:00
IS1C01U07 – The True Cost of Discounting 00:35:00
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