08: Implications of the Five-Step Process


About this course 

Following a close look at Sony’s successful implementation of the five step process, we continue to look at more examples – as well as unpack the implications of this process and the impact it will have on a company. If you have not done the course “The Five Step Process” – it is recommended you take that first.

The implications and impact that the five step process will have on your company.

Marketing and sales professionals in the consumer goods or retail industry. Mid to senior management level will especially benefit from this course. 

About 1 hour 

Course Curriculum

BS3C03U01 – A Real Life Example 00:15:00
BS3C03U02 – Real Life Implications 00:15:00
BS3C03U03 – Real Life Implications Podcast 00:05:00
BS3C03U04 – The Five-Step Total Marketing Model 00:30:00
BS3C03Q01 00:30:00
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