06: The Five Step Process


About this course 

Grouping business processes into manageable steps is key to motivating individuals and teams to work effectively towards a specific outcome.

This course unpacks the powerful Five Step Total Marketing Process and shows you how to apply it to your product.

You will gain comprehensive insight into the five step process of the Total Marketing Model. 

Marketing and sales professionals in the consumer goods or retail industry. Mid to senior management level will especially benefit from this course. 

About 2 hours, 20 minutes

Course Curriculum

BS3C01U01 – Introduction 00:10:00
BS3C01U02 – The Five Steps 00:05:00
BS3C01U03 – Guiding Questions of the Five Step Process 00:05:00
BS3C01U04 – The Five-Step Total Marketing Model 00:30:00
BS3C01U05 – Overview of the Five Steps Webinar 01:00:00
BS3C01Q01 00:30:00
BS3C01U06 – Case Scenario: Mars 00:10:00
BS3C01U07 – Five Steps Graphic Organizer 00:20:00
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