04: What Is Shopper Marketing?


About this course 

Successful companies who are rapidly growing their profits and market share in today’s challenging economy, all have one thing in common: they have reinvented their business model and they understand the importance of shopper marketing.

The recipe for success is moving away from traditional marketing methodologies and realising that there are in fact three customers that manufacturers should engage with: retailers, consumers and shoppers.

If you would like to sharpen your understanding of this revolutionary approach, this course is for you!

This course will define and unpack the essence of shopper marketing, as well as debunk common shopper marketing myths. 

Marketing and sales professionals in the consumer goods or retail industry, who are eager to become shopper marketing experts. 

About 1 hour, 20 minutes 

Course Curriculum

BS2C01U01 – A New Business Model 00:05:00
BS2C01U02 – Consumers and Shoppers Are Not the Same 00:05:00
BS2C01U03 – A Shopper Marketing Definition 00:10:00
BS2C01U04 – Debunking Shopper Marketing Myths 00:20:00
BS2C01U05 – The Shopper Marketing Differentiator 00:05:00
BS2C01U06 – The Case for Beer 00:05:00
BS2C01U07 – The Shopper Marketing Revolution 00:30:00
BS2C01Q01 01:00:00
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