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Our industry leaders cover:

BUT WAIT! Not every shopper will shop online

MASSIVE CONTRASTS. Those that deliver value… or don’t

OMNICHANNEL COLLABORATIONS. For CPG Marketers and Retailers to Win


TECHNOLOGICAL ADVANCEMENT. People need to get smarter too

CPG’s RECLAIM DESTINY. Out-starting the start-ups

CONTINUED DISRUPTION. Activating change in retail marketing is imperative

AUGMENTED PACKAGING. Augmented Reality by-passes physical space limitations

AGE OF DISRUPTION. Bigger companies need to be agile

ECOMMERCE MARKETING. The Constantly Changing Landscape

And more…

Expert Insights 2019

Thinking from various experts and practitioners from around the globe
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Some of the featured experts

Ex head of Innovation & Creativity at, the Walt Disney Company. Now helps companies embed a culture of innovation and creativity across their organization.

Duncan Wardle

Citizen Of The World

More than 15 years in the CPG and Consumer Electronics industries. Built Shopperations, standardizing and automating planning processes and enabling robust post-promotional analytics.

Olga Yurovski

Cincinnati USA

Author, international speaker, business leader and blogger. Mike’s life-long love affair with the global CPG industry, has given him incredible insight into every sphere of the field.

Mike Anthony


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