The Sony Example

For Sony, the key finding was how its in-store presentation affected different shoppers. For those who had no particular preference or rejected Sony, repeated visits to outlets did nothing to sway their opinion; indeed, these shoppers became increasingly disaffected with the Bravia proposition. Money formerly spent on massive TV campaigns that reached millions of people who would never buy Bravia should be directed elsewhere.Read More

Profile PhotoMike AnthonyNovember 23, 2016

Strain on the Supply Chain

Out-of stocks plague retailers--and shoppers. Too many out-of-stocks contribute to the brand erosion we discussed, as shoppers learn not to rely on a retailer, in spite of advertising price cuts to lure them in.Read More

Profile PhotoToby DesforgesNovember 9, 2016

Consumer Marketing and Shopper Marketing Partnerships

As veterans of the consumer goods industry, we’ve seen that there isn’t a clear division between consumer marketing activities and shopper marketing activities in the vast majority of companies. This line becomes increasingly blurred when a consumer and shopper are the same person—which is why an integrated marketing mix is the best solution.Read More

Profile PhotoToby DesforgesOctober 23, 2016

One Price Fits All

Depending on the impact your in-store marketing activities have on future consumption, they might be a raging success or an abject failure. That’s a pretty dangerous gamble in a consumer goods industry that is spending around $280 billion a year on this stuff.Read More

Profile PhotoMike AnthonyOctober 9, 2016

Shopper Research

With clarity around what insight is desired, a research manager is well placed to take the shopper research project forward. Many of the steps included here are common for any research process, but a number of significant differences exist between consumer research and shopper research that are worth special attention. The prime differences revolve around the role of the retailer in conducting the research and implementing the findings. The other consideration is to select the appropriate partner for research, which can make or break a research project.Read More

Profile PhotoMike AnthonyMarch 27, 2016