How to Structure Your Value Proposition For Retail Customers

The majority of shopper marketing activity takes place in a retailer’s store (either on or offline) and therefore we need retailer buy-in to get that execution to take place. At its heart our presentation to the retailer must contain a clear value proposition which explains to the retailer why they should support the activity.Read More

Profile PhotoToby DesforgesApril 4, 2017

How to Ensure That Shopper Research Leads to Actionable Shopper Insights

It’s a recurring challenge – too often shopper marketers (and their bosses) are frustrated that, after taking the plunge to invest in shopper research, what they get in return is data, not actionable insights. While a lot can be done to create better, more actionable insights from existing research, the keys to creating really actionable shopper research lie before the project starts.Read More

Profile PhotoToby DesforgesMarch 27, 2017

How to Encourage Retail Compliance For Excellent In-Store Execution

It is sometimes hard to believe how coordinated and well-planned promotions, displays, and other in-store activity do not deliver up to the set standards. The statistics only prove the point even more – POPAI suggests that lack of compliance of in-store execution is as high as 50% for the UK. The effect of this is enormous – shoppers do not get to see the promotions they are supposed to see and manufacturers and retailers are losing out on valuable sales opportunities.Read More

Profile PhotoToby DesforgesMarch 21, 2017

Big Data Isn’t Enough – We Need More Qualitative Shopper Research

Qualitative research seems to be out of the spotlight. Nowhere is this more true than in the realm of shopper marketing, where qualitative shopper research techniques are squeezed out by the more prevalent quantitative techniques such as exit interviews and observations, as well as reams of loyalty card, panel and scan sales data. In amongst all of this, what room is left for qualitative shopper research?Read More

Profile PhotoToby DesforgesMarch 13, 2017

Have a cup of coffee on us…

We know that as a marketer things have become a whole lot more complex and that sometimes you just want to sit down, take a break, and sip on a …Read More

Profile PhotoJasonMarch 12, 2017

Try-Me-Outs: How Health and Beauty Retailers Are Leveraging This Powerful Tool

Try-me-outs are a classic technique in-store to stimulate purchase behavior. In the middle to lower-end cosmetics space, it introduces sales opportunities for a number of reasons.Read More

Profile PhotoToby DesforgesMarch 7, 2017